Allan's Website

At some point in time I will put my full resume here. I am reluctant to post it now because I am not currently looking for a job and don't want to be tempted by any good offers that come along.

In case you really must know, here are some highlights:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics, with Distinction.
  • Over 14 years software development experience. A good portion of that time was spent with embedded systems, but I also have plenty of experience with application development for Windows and Unix/Linux hosts.
  • Over 10 ten years of experience with the VxWorks RTOS.
  • Fully fluent in real-time multi-threaded software development.
  • Plenty of experience with TCP/IP. Developed many client/server applications. I also even wrote my own web server and a firewall for Win2k/XP along with many other similar sorts of projects.
  • Plenty of experience as a Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux System Administrator. When I encounter problems I investigate them until I understand why they happened, unlike many IT support folks who simply re-install/re-image systems without every learning anything.
  • Held various positions from Software Designer to Software Architect, including team lead roles and even a short stint in management.
  • Intimately involved in all aspects of software development from project planning, high level design, detailed design, coding, and testing.
  • Wrote and reviewed all kinds of documentation.
  • Plenty of experience with object oriented analysis and design.
  • Fluent in many programming languages from assembly to C/C++ and Java. I also know many scripting languages (Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Tcl/Tk, Python, etc.) and various aspects of web site development from HTML, CSS, DOM coding, AJAX and cgi-bin scripts, as well as Apache and MySQL server administration.
  • Prior to my career in the high tech industry, I had plenty of experience in the construction industry. I operated heavy equipment in road maintenance and construction for many years (TS14 earth movers, Terex payloaders, Champion, Cat, and Galion graders). I also drove tractor trailer units, gravel trucks, redi-mix trucks, as well as various kinds of farm equipment. I also did plenty of hands on work and even know how to swing a hammer and run a saw.
  • I also have experience as a mechanic, both automotive and heavy equipment. I even did auto body work for a while.
  • My greatest strengths are my problem solving skills and ability to learn new things.

I could go on but, as mentioned above, this is only meant to provide some of the highlights of my resume. A more complete resume will be provided if/when I'm interested in finding a new job.