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We are back in Calgary! Our return flight via Tokyo and San Francisco was rather uneventful. The route from Tokyo to San Francisco was a straight line over the Pacific passing about halfway between Alaska and Hawaii, so the there wasn't much to see there. However, I did manage to take some interesting photos of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and San Francisco from the air.

That's our ride! Most of us from the west caught the same flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco, with a short stop in Tokyo.

Here's our flight path home. Yup, straight across the Pacific Ocean with not much to see along the way.

I did however manage to take a few good pictures around Hong Kong and Tokyo on the flight home.

The Control Tower and the Hong Kong Airport.

Hong Kong Disneyland.

West end of Hong Kong Island.

Central Hong Kong.

Aberdeen on the south side of the Island.

The Stanley Peninsula.

That's a city along the west coast of Taiwan, I'm not sure which one yet.

Here's the Japan coast as we approach the Tokyo airport from the south east.

The Japanese countryside south of the Tokyo airport.

Sunset as we leave Tokyo airport.

California coast near San Francisco.

There was a little bit of excitement when about a half dozen fire trucks rush to this plane at the San Francisco airport, but nothing became of it.

For Justin and I the flight home was rather uneventful and basically without any delays. The only bits of excitement were the fire trucks at the San Francisco airport mentioned above and Justin was checked out at customs coming into Calgary because we declared the maple leafs we brought back from Sham Shui Po park.