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We went straight back to our hotel from the Museum of Coastal Defence then walked over to a local restaurant for one last Chinese dinner as a group. After dinner Bernard, Justin, and I headed out to see what the view was like from the Peak at night. Actually for Bernard, this was his first chance to get up to the Peak. His flights to Hong Kong got messed up and he ended missing Saturday's events, including our visit to the Peak.

We took the MTR Train Service to Central Hong Kong then made our way to the Peak on foot.

Here's a shot of the HSBC building at night (we saw this building back on my Central Hong Kong and Star Ferry pages). The building produces an interesting light show at night.

This is St John's Cathedral, which is just a couple blocks from the lower Peak Tram station. The HSBC building is in the background.

The Peak Tram wasn't as busy as it was last Saturday afternoon.

And finally the view from the Peak at night.

That building to the left of center is another that produces a bit of a light show.

The following is a panoramic view from the Peak.

Click on the above image to enlarge it.


Yours truly


Don't ask me what this was. It kind of looks like a grasshopper, but it was about 5 or 6 inches long. We saw something like this in Sai Wan Cemetery on Sunday, but that one was green like the grass - maybe the thing is a chameleon of some sort?

And lastly, the buildings on the peak.