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After the ceremonies at the Stanley Military Cemetery we changed gears and went to Stanley Market for some lunch and a bit of shopping.

While walking through Stanley Village we found a few interesting trees like this one.

This is the Murray House below. This building was originally built back in the 1840s in Central Hong Kong and then was moved here, stone by stone. The original building was dismantled in the early 1980s and put in storage. Then several years later it was reassembled here in Stanley village. The reassembly was completed in 2000.

This is the view of Stanley village from the Murray House. There are restaurants and pubs in the base of those tall buildings on the left. The Stanley Market is in amongst the lower buildings on the right.

A few of us went for lunch in a pub near the base of that left most building, then we went wandering through the market for some shopping. The Stanley Market covers a fairly large area, a few blocks, and it is mostly indoors kind of like our malls back home except that the shops are crammed much closer together, the prices are only an initial asking price, and some of the items for sale (eg art or carvings) are being manufactured right there. The following are a couple pictures of the indoor shops. There are also shops outdoors along the adjacent streets.

After we left the Stanley Market we returned to the hotel where we had a couple hours free before heading back to the Repulse Bay for a Dinner hosted by VAC. Justin, Bernard, and I used this free time to had back to the market near our hotel to photograph some of the more interesting sites we saw on Sunday. In case you are wondering, all of the shops below are right along the street adjacent to vehicle traffic.