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By the look on many faces this morning we all got plenty of sun yesterday in Sai Wan Cemetery - lots of sun burns. Today was overcast and a bit cooler, which was a nice change from the last couple days.

We left the hotel at 8:15am again, but this time we got to our destination without any trouble. Our first stop this morning was West Brigade Headquarters for a plaque dedication. That was followed by the unveiling of a plaque at Lawson's Bunker.

The following is a sign for the modern day Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail that takes you through some of the area where the Battle of Hong Kong took place back in 1941.

West Brigade Headquarters where we are for the plaque unveiling is at station 10 of the trail. Later in the week we returned here to walk the trail starting at station 1 and ending here at station 10. The plaque is actually being unveiled just up the road at Lawson's Bunker, but there is no room for us to hold a ceremony there, hence we are here.

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

You can click on the image to the right to see the battle map of 1941. West Brigade Headquarters and the Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail are roughly right in the center of the map.
You can click on the image to the right to download a PDF file of the publication Canadians in Hong Kong provided by Veterans' Affairs Canada that describes the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong, including West Brigade Headquarters.

While waiting for the VAC Delegation to arrive, everyone took the opportunity to tour the site.

The formal part of the plaque unveiling begins.

Senator Campbell speaks on behalf of the Minister of Veteran's Affairs.

The actual plaque unveiling took place here at Lawson's Bunker, which is Station 9 on the map at the top of the page.

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On a lighter note, we found many signs in Hong Kong who's English translations aren't what you might expect like this one.