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We had a bit of free time in the afternoon, so Justin and I got together with a couple others in our tour group and took a walk through the market a few blocks from our hotel. We definitely encountered a lot of interesting sites and smells. But the most interesting story this day was the picture below.

It was nice and hot out so we wanted to grab a beer. After having no luck in finding a pub (we even tried asking some cops just around the corner from this picture), Gorden asked the owner of the small refreshment stand in the right of the picture (the guy running the camera) if we bought a beer from him if he would let us drink it there. Well, he thought about it for a while, then he scrounged up the table and four chairs/stools and here we are.

While sitting there we noticed a rather interesting sign behind Justin.

But that didn't deter us and we hung around until we finished our beers. As it turned out, we saw many of these signs throughout Hong Kong, but fortunately no rats.

Where we were sitting was just below a freeway. There are many such freeways in Hong Kong and they basically put the streets below them in their shadow.

By the time we were done our beer it was to time head back to the hotel to catch the bus for dinner, so we didn't really take any other pictures of the market. We did however, return later in the week and got some good pictures, more on that later.