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Today everyone was up early to get ready for the 8:15am bus departure to Sai Wan Cemetery. On our original schedule the bus was supposed to leave and 8:45am, but late yesterday it was moved up by half an hour. By the time we got to Sai Wan Cemetery some of us begin to wonder if the earlier start was chosen because the tour guide and bus driver knew ahead of time we were going to get lost along the way! Yup, that's what happened. After going around in circles for a while the tour guide finally hired a taxi to lead us to the cemetery. Fortunately the earlier start meant that we still made it to the cemetery on time. It also meant that we had a chance to get a good look at some of the scenery along the way, because we passed it 3 times!

The events at the Sai Wan Cemetery began with a Ceremony of Remembrance. That was followed by a private visitation of the Cemetery, refreshments at the Memorial Shelter, and a Wreath laying at the Stone of Remembrance in honour of the 228 Canadians who have no known graves and whose names are inscribed on the Memorial at this entrance to the cemetery.

Opening remarks.

Senator Poy speaks on behalf of the Minister of Veteran's Affairs.

Robert 'Flash' Clayton speaks on behalf of the veterans.

Senator Poy's lays the first wreath.

A member of our tour group, Gorden Collins, laid the wreath on behalf of the Hong Kong Veterans' Commemorative Association (HKVCA).

During the wreath laying these kids, a local choir, provided back ground music that made the ceremony extra special.

Above photo courtesy of Mike Babin.

During the refreshment break at the Memorial Shelter we had a chance to mingle with the veterans. I spent time with Ed Shayler and Gerry Gerrard (one of the veterans I met at the convention in Ottawa).

Ed told some stories about what the fighting was like in the area during the battle of Hong Kong and he pointed out the area he was taken prisoner. Ed mentioned that all the lush green vegetation and trees we see today were not present during the battle as the Chinese had clear cut most of the Island for firewood.

Senator Poy's lays the first wreath at the second wreath laying ceremony.

Two more members of our tour group Doris Hocking and Emily Constance Lyons.

After the Wreath laying at the Stone of Remembrance we participated in the burial of the "We Remember Hong Kong Memorial Capsule" done by the Port Perry area High Schools.

The following pictures are from the time capsule burial.

Everyone, starting with Senator Poy, got a chance to help bury the capsule, including all the veterans and everyone in our tour group.

The plaque that marks the capsule's location.

This is the time capsule that was buried.

Above photo courtesy of Mike Babin.