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We went to the south side of Hong Kong Island for a boat tour in the bay near Aberdeen to see some of the boat people that live there. The following are some of the sites on the way to the south side of Hong Kong Island.

This is the Happy Valley Race Track, we'll see more of this later.

This building was built by Sir Robert Ho-tung in the 30's for his second wife. It's a school, with a large Buddhist temple for the public.

This is Deep Water Bay and the South China Sea is off in the distance.

This is Ocean Park Gondola.

There is construction everywhere.

This building is one of what is called 'Bird Cages'. The government created these buildings to house people like seniors who have no one to take care of them. The building is full of small 400 square foot apartments and all the apartments on each floor share a common bathroom.

We took a boat tour of the bay near Aberdeen to see some of the boat people that live there.

This is last remaining Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

The Boat People

After the boat tour we visited the Hong Kong Jewelry factory where the boat people worked. According to our tour guide, the boat people are being relocated by the government to make way for some reclamation projects as such it won't be long before the boat people are gone from around Hong Kong.

We ended our brief tour of Hong Kong with a Chinese dinner. Most everyone in the group was a bit disappointed with dinner. Most everyone encountered something they wouldn't dare eat and as such we all left a bit hungry. Justin and I were glad we had the pizza earlier in the day for lunch.

We returned to the hotel about 8pm or so were most everyone took it easy for the rest of the evening. Some of us got together in the hotel's lounge for a few beers and to swap stories of why were in Hong Kong.