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The Peak Tram is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong and for good reason, it takes you up to Victoria Peak where you get spectacular views of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

We wait in line to board the tram.

We are finally at the head of the line, but now we just need to wait for the tram to show up.

Above photo courtesy of Gorden Collins.

I tried to take some pictures that showed the steep incline taken by the tram, but I had no luck. This one shows the incline near the station at the bottom. It gets much much steeper up the hill.

Looking down the track from the top.

The tram is a two car system pulled up the hill by cables.

The views from the Peak are spectacular. Click on the following image to enlarge it.

This one was taken looking off to the west/south-west of the peak.

The following are some pictures of the buildings and walking path on the Peak.