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After the plaque dedication we returned to the hotel. We then had a bit of free time for lunch before doing a bit of a bus tour of Hong Kong. Justin and I managed to find some decent pizza in an Italian restaurant not far from our hotel. We figured we'll have plenty of opportunities for Chinese food with the group during the week, so we stuck to something that was more familiar.

After lunch the bus tour took us from our hotel in North Point to Central Hong Kong where we took the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak on the west end of the Island. We spent about a half hour or so at the top taking in the great view before getting back on the bus and heading to Aberdeen on the south side of the Island.

The following are a few photos of Central Hong Kong taken on the way to the Peak Tram, the first stop on our tour of Hong Kong.

In the first picture, the tall building in the background is building two of the International Finance Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong, spanning 88 storeys (420m). Building one of the International Finance Centre is to the left of building two and is only partially visible in this picture (don't worry you'll see more this one later). It has an identical shape but is much shorter, spanning just 39 storeys (180m). The building in the foreground is the old ministry of national defence and was called the Prince of Wales Building when the British ruled Hong Kong. The building is now occupied by the Chinese PLA as HK Garrison Headquarters.

There are a few interesting looking buildings in Hong Kong.

The building in the center of the following picture is the HSBC building, we'll see more of this later.