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Our first event was a plaque dedication at the Gunpowder Factory, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence. We met up with the VAC delegation for the first time at the plaque dedication. This gave us a chance to talk with some of the veterans and others in the VAC delegation.

This is our tour guide Benny on the bus ride over to the museum.

Above photo courtesy of Jim Trick.

The following is the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and the Gunpowder Factory, site of the plaque dedication to all members of the Royal Rifles of Canada.

This structure is actually the elevator used to get to the upper floors of the museum.

The piper lead in the veterans for the plaque unveiling.

Senator Campbell speaks on behalf of the Minister of Veteran's Affairs.

Veterans Philip Doddridge and Robert 'Flash' Clayton.

Click on the picture below to enlarge it so you can read the inscription.

I don't remember who the two guys on the ends are, but the 6 in the middle are the Hong Kong Veterans (from left to right): Ed Shayler, Gerry Gerrard, Douglas Rees, George MacDonell, Robert 'Flash' Clayton, and Philip Doddridge.

After the plaque unveiling we had a chance to mingle with the veterans.

Above photo courtesy of Mike Babin.

Above photo courtesy of Mike Babin.

Above photo courtesy of Mike Babin.

Such a peaceful site next to the Gunpowder Factory makes it hard to image what took place here 64 years ago.

But, one only needs to look around inside to find evidence that it was far from peaceful here long ago.