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Today was our first full day in Hong Kong. We got up at around 7:30am, and by the time we had some breakfast and got ready for the day it was about 10am. The first event of our tour was a plaque dedication at the Gunpowder Factory, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence. The bus left the hotel for the museum shortly after 11am, so that gave us a bit of time to check out the area around our hotel.

The following is our hotel, the City Garden Hotel in North Point on Hong Kong Island.

We had breakfast every morning at the hotel.

The following are pictures of the neighbourhood around our hotel.

Above photo courtesy of Justin Mondor.

This was the first time Justin saw a real palm tree.

Just one of many Christmas themed displays seen through Hong Kong. And speaking of Christmas, by the end of our trip I think most of us were tired of Christmas carols because that was what they used for elevator music in our hotel.

I wonder if all those antennas provide good tv reception.

Above photo courtesy of Justin Mondor.

When I first saw these bikes I thought they were antiques, but we actually saw many people riding ones like these.

This is the view many of us had from our hotel rooms.

When some of us saw the building in the following photo for the first time on our way to the hotel, we began to wonder what king of neighbourhood we were staying in. Fortunately this was just one of a couple buildings close together that are apparently condemned and slated for demolition.

There are many tall and slender buildings like this in Hong Kong. They look like they would fall over in the first heavy wind.