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It was a very early morning, we got up at 3:45am, had some breakfast, and got ready to leave for the airport. Our ride to the airport showed up at about 4:50am and we got to the airport at about 5:20am. The check-in line was quite short and it took very little time to get our boarding passes. US custom's was even quicker, I don't think we even spent 2 minutes there! Getting through security put us back on schedule, the line up there was huge and it probably took at least an hour to get through, giving us about 30 minutes for coffee before boarding our plane.

Our flight to Hong Kong was not the most direct one from Calgary as we went through Chicago, but as we found out later it was worth it!

Here's Justin and I waiting for our flight from Calgary to Chicago.


We were supposed to depart at 7:38 for Chicago, but we were a bit slow out of the gate and didn't get going until nearly 8:30. However, that didn't have much impact on our arrival in Chicago due to a good tail wind.

One last view of the Rocky Mountains before we get to far from Calgary.

The HKVCA folks travelling from Toronto also went through Chicago. They should have been en-route to Hong Kong before we arrived in Chicago, but they were delayed almost a full hour and a half, so we had a chance to track them down and chat with our tour leader before they left. I managed to take a few good pictures of their plane as it headed away from the terminal (our plane was identical to theirs).

Our flight out of Chicago left behind schedule as well. We were supposed to head out at 3pm, but we didn't get going until nearly 4pm. A good part of our delay was due to waiting for them to fuel up the plane. I image the HKVCA folks were in the same boat as their tires looked awfully loaded down when they departed from the terminal (see above photos) - I guess it takes a fair amount fuel to travel about 7700 miles in a 747!

A couple photos of the inside of our plane for those of you who haven't seen the inside of a 747 yet. The plane wasn't completely full, so Justin and I had a row of 3 seats to ourselves.

Justin waiting patiently to for our departure to Hong Kong. We keep busy by watching the baggage handlers and plane deicers working away outside.

One last sunset, before we put the cameras away for a while.