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I was in Hong Kong from Dec 1 to Dec 9, 2005, with my nephew Justin and 38 other members of the Hong Kong Veterans' Commemorative Association (HKVCA). We were there to take part in ceremonies to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the cessation of WWII hostilities in the Far East and the release of the Hong Kong Veterans, like my father (Paul-Emile Mondor), from Japanese POW camps. This section of my website is the blog from that trip.

While we were in Hong Kong we met up with the Veterans Affairs Canada Delegation (which included 6 Hong Kong veterans) and a group of over 200 high school students from the Port Perry Ontario area.

Going to Hong Kong was something I wanted to do for a few years, but it really peaked my interest in the year prior to the trip. In the fall 2004 when the History Channel showed the For King and Country series, including the Hour of Darkness: Canadians in Hong Kong 1941, my interest in travelling to Hong Kong really escalated as did my desire to learn more about my father (Paul-Emile Mondor) and what happened to him over in Hong Kong and Japan during WWII. In the spring of 2005 when I decided to leave my job to do some travelling, Hong Kong was on my list of places to visit, however I never thought it would happen so soon and be such an amazing trip.

Being able to participate in the HKVCA trip to Hong Kong, spending time over there with the 6 Hong Kong veterans (Ed Shayler, Gerry Gerrard, Douglas Rees, George MacDonell, Robert 'Flash' Clayton, and Philip Doddridge), and being able to bring my nephew Justin along was just great. That made the trip so much more than it would have been had I just gone on my own and it's something I could not have imagined back in the spring 2005.

Mike Babin, our tour leader, did an excellent job arranging the whole thing and ensuring everything ran smoothly while we were in Hong Kong. Thanks Mike!

I was hoping to keep this blog up to date with pictures and all the details of our trip while were in Hong Kong, but we kept ourselves so busy that all I had time for were some 'text only' postings. After we returned from Hong Kong, I augmented those posting with pictures and more information on the sites we saw and the events we took part in.

Additional Resources

Canadians in Hong Kong (PDF)
Booklet by Veterans' Affairs Canada that describes the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong.

The battle map of 1941
See West Brigade Headquarters [Dec5] and Jardine's Lookout [Dec5] for more details.

Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail map
See West Brigade Headquarters [Dec5] and Jardine's Lookout [Dec5] for more details.