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Today I visited two very worthwhile museums, the Yorkshire Air Museum and the National Rail Museum. Visiting these two museums is basically all I had time for today, actually I could have probably spent a full day or more at each, but I can only take in so much information and I will be visiting other similar museums as I make my way back to London.

The Yorkshire Air Museum is located on the former WWII Bomber Command Station RAF Elvington a few miles south east of York out in the country. The museum retains the authentic atmosphere of the period with many exhibits housed in restored wartime buildings. See for more details.

This full-size Spitfire replica is one of the first sites you see as the drive into the old base.

The Museum is a Memorial to all the Allied air crews of Bomber Command, including French, Canadian, Australian and other nationalities that served from the area. These flags are flying next to memorial garden.

The old Fire shed with a few historic vehicles in and around it.

Some displays extend prior to and/or beyond WWII. For example, a display of aircraft engines includes this Concorde engine, a new addition to the museum.

The control tower.

A Harrier "jump jet" (ie it can take off and land vertically).

The Victor K2 'Lusty Lindy' aircraft.

The large aircraft in the middle is the rebuilt Halifax "Friday the 13th". It is housed in the Canadian Memorial Hangar which was officially opened by the High Commissioner for Canada on Friday 13 September 1996 minutes before the rebuilt Halifax "Friday the 13th" made its first public appearance.

A WWII German Messerschmidt 109G aircraft.

A Canadair T-33 "Silver Star" presented to the museum by the Canadian Department of National Defence August 13, 1993.

The Handley Page building where aircraft restoration is underway.

An Earthquake Bomb. These 12000 and 22000 pound bombs where used to destroy subterranean targets like tunnels.

A few more bombs on display. The one in the middle is a 400 kilo-tonne Thermo-Nuclear Bomb. This was Britain's last air-dropped free-fall nuclear weapon. It was withdrawn from service in August 1998 and from that time the RAF has had no nuclear capability.

This is one of the 'bouncing' bombs used by the Dambusters.

The National Rail Museum (NRM) is apparently the world's largest railway museum and there definitely is a lot to see. This museum and the Yorkshire Air Museum are like the Louvre in that you can't really see them all in one visit, so you need to be selective in where you spend your time. See for more details.

The NRM is packed with trains, so much so it's hard to photograph some of them because they are parked so close together.

A Bullet Train presented to the NRM by the West Japan Railway Company in 2001.

The "Flying Scotsman" undergoing a major overhaul.

The "Mallard", the world's fastest Steam Locomotive reaching a top speed of 126 MPH on July 3, 1938.

This is a poor photo of the "Evening Star". It was built in 1960 and is the last steam locomotive built for the British railway. It was intended to be used for 20 years, but after 5 years the British railway stopped using its entire fleet of steam locomotives.

After leaving the train museum I went for a walk around York. It's kind of interesting but none of the photos I took were worth showing.