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I made it up to Scotland today. On the way I did a short stop in Liverpool to visit the Historic War Ships Museum, or I should say what is left of it. Like the Industrial Museum in Cardiff, this museum is being forced out by progress. A new apartment complex is taking over the area previously used by the museum.

From the museum I did a drive through Liverpool, starting with the large tunnel which passes under the Liverpool bay. Lucky for me, I avoided the toll for the tunnel because I approached it from the docks and not the freeway where the toll booths were located. From what I saw, Liverpool wasn't anything special. And, in case you are wondering I didn't bother to track down any Beatles' sites.

Once I got through Liverpool I hit the highway and headed for Glasgow and then Edinburgh.

Here some photos of a submarine that's one of only two boats remaining from the Historic War Ships Museum in Liverpool. The boat is gradually fading away like that old tank at the Utah Beach Landing Museum. This submarine is the last German U-boat sunk by the Allies in WWII.

A couple old buildings that are being converted to apartments. According to one of the construction workers, the Historic War Ships Museum used to occupy the large parking lot in front of those buildings.

This is the only other boat remaining from the museum. It's a landing craft from the H.M.S. Intrepid and was used to land troops at Ajax Bay during the Falklands conflict.

Some of the scenery of northern England and southern Scotland.

On my way into Glasgow I got stuck in a large traffic jam, or queue as they are called here, due to an accident further up the road. But, at least things weren't as bad for me as they were for the fellow next to me. He either ran out of gas or broke down. Note the rope being used to pull his car.

They completely closed down the freeway forcing all vehicles off at the nearest ramps. That created havoc for the nearby streets so these side streets needed police to help keep the traffic moving.

A few photos from Glasgow. The Science Center and Glasgow Tower are in the background and a couple police helicopters in the foreground.

A tall ship.

Unlike the cranes in Bristol, those in the distance are still in use.

The old bridge off in the distance is near Edinburgh.

Like me, my gear is getting tired of travelling. This is the charger for the batteries in my camera and GPS device. Last night it started arching inside and tonight it wouldn't work at all, so it was time for some surgery. The thing is seal with special screws that I couldn't remove, so I took my scissors to the back and made a hole to expose the loose connection. Then by bending the connector I was able to get it to work again. I will be home in just over a week so I should be able to get it to last until then.

Tomorrow I'm going to do some site seeing around Edinburgh and then I'll probably head south back towards London. There is a slight chance I may head north to the Scottish Highlands first, but I will decide that in the morning.