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This morning I continued my travels northward with a trip to North Wales. I made it as far as the ferry terminal on Holyhead Island which is in the extreme north west of Wales. Along the way I passed straight through Anglesey Island. Anglesey Island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge and to Holyhead Island by a causeway.

I passed through some interesting country side on the way to Holyhead Island. I saw Ruthin mentioned in some travel books so I passed through there along the way. Getting to Ruthin was quite interesting as my GPS device took me down the narrowest roads I've been on so far. At one point I was going to give up on the GPS device because what it was doing was somewhat silly (ie taking tiny little one cart roads when decent highways where right nearby), but I followed along to see where it would take me. As it turned out, I'm glad I stuck with my GPS device because I got to see some great scenery that I would have missed had I stuck to the main roads.

On the way back from Holyhead Island I headed south a bit to pass through the Snowdonia National Park in Wales before going back to the north east towards Liverpool, England.

I stopped for the day about 7 kilometers from the border into England. Tomorrow I will continue to head north through Liverpool and up towards Scotland. I wasn't sure if I would make it to Scotland on this trip, but it looks like I might have enough time as my rental car isn't due back until next Monday.

This is the main building of the hotel I stayed in last night. My room was in a wing off to the right and not in the main (old) building.

The narrow roads on the way to Ruthin. There was definitely only room for one car here, but it was for two way traffic so I'm not sure what would have happened had I met someone. One of us would have had to do a lot of driving backwards.

The view of Ruthin from the Moel Famau Country Park. The picture doesn't do it justice.

An interesting sign. Like all signs in Wales its in Welsh and English. More on this later.

Looking back towards the Moel Famau Country Park from Ruthin. I approached Ruthin by passing over the low point of the hill in the center of the picture and that's were I took the above pictures from.

As mentioned above, all signs in Wales are in Welsh and English and based on this sign, which is in every parking stop along the side of the highways, Allan is Welsh for Out.

The coast line near the ferry terminal in Holyhead Island. This is taken looking to the north east, so the land mass in the top left corner of the picture is Anglesey Island.

An interesting old car out for a drive. I've seen plenty of old cars of one sort or another in the UK country.

This shot was taken heading back across Anglesey Island towards the mainland. The mountains in the distance are part of the Snowdonia National Park.

A few shots of the great scenery heading into the Snowdonia National Park. This scenery reminded me a lot of Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.

Once I got into the park I stopped at the first decent parking lot and went out for a walk. The rest of the photos were taken around there. Once again these photos don't do the place justice. The sun was in the wrong place to get good photos, especially of the waterfall.