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Today I caught two major attractions: the Warwick Castle, which I a mentioned yesterday; and the Iron Bridge. The castle was kind of a let down. The biggest disappointment is that this castle is, according to their sign and various tourist brochures, is the finest castle in England. If that is true, I don't care to see anymore castles here in England because it just wasn't that impressive and hardly worth the $40 Canadian to enter.

The Iron Bridge, because of the part it played in the Industrial Revolution, was much more interesting. It was built in the late 1700s to make it easier to cross the River Severn near Coalbrookdale and to showcase what could be done with the newly discovered cast iron.

Here's a few photos of the Warwick Castle, starting with a shot from across the river.

A trebuchet set up across the river from the castle. I missed the early morning projectile launching and wasn't going to stay around the whole day just to see that.

A water wheel supplying power to the castle. In the early days it pumped water up to the castle, but with time it evolved with technology to supply electricity.

Some interesting moving parts in the engine room.

The tallest tower in the front of the castle. The next photo was taken on the way up to the this tower and the ones after that were taken at the top of the tower.

The Mound on the south of the castle (to the right) is the oldest part. It was built in 1068.

St Mary's Church from the high point in the castle.

The folks that live in the shadow of the castle.

Northern entrance/exit of the castle.

A shot from the Mound on the south side of the castle.

St Mary's Church again.

The best frontal shot I could get of the Warwick Castle. From my visit to the tower on the left it is clear that the nice photos of this castle which are shown on calendars or in brochures are taken from a helicopter and it's not possible to get those photos by foot.

There were several of these birds near the conservatory south of the castle.

The Iron Bridge. It was built in the late 1700s, is made of brittle cast iron, and is showing signs of age.

Can you spot all the cracks in the bridge structure in the following photos? One has to wonder how old the defects are and how long this bridge will stand on its own.

The Iron Bridge Gorge Museum. It's a tiny place, but a worthwhile stop to learn about the area.

I'm staying in a hotel less than a couple miles from the Iron Bridge. It's built around a really old building and is out in a field area by itself. The rate tonight, Sunday, is quite low because their peak days are Friday and Saturday for weddings and similar events. The trick to finding reasonably priced decent accommodations in England is all about timing. The hotel I stayed in last night caters to business folks, so they were cheap last night, Saturday, but the rates went up tonight and will stay that way until Friday. The difference can be quite drastic. The place I'm staying at tonight is much much nicer then were I stayed at in Chipping Campden two nights ago and the rate is less than half of what I paid there.