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This morning I visited a very small aviation museum in the town of Moreton In Marsh. There were no airplanes at the museum but the stuff it did have was interesting just the same and the old fellow running the place was quite friendly and helpful. I want to visit a few other aviation museums in England and until this morning I wasn't sure of their whereabouts. The old fellow had a book in his library that listed all the aviation museums in the British Isles and it included detailed information on each one (location, number and types of airplanes on display, visiting hours, etc.), so it is exactly what I needed.

After I left the museum I headed to the town of Cotswolds to visit its Tourist Information center in search of an internet cafe or WIFI hot spot. It turns out the only one in the area was in a pub back in Moreton In Marsh, so I headed back there for a pint while uploading yesterday posting. It was just after noon by this point and before I finished my pint it began to rain and rain it did. It haven't seen rain come down like that since last year's floods in Calgary.

The rain lasted the whole afternoon, but the heavy stuff was short lived. I had nothing better to do so I thought I would try and to visit the attractions I was interested in anyway. The first was a Rail Road Museum. There wasn't too much to see at the Rail Road Museum, so I hung around a while waiting for their steam powered train to come through. From there I headed to the Shakespeare Center in Stratford Upon Avon. I had to take a bit of detour getting there because the bad weather caused a large tree to come, completely blocking the road. When I got there it was still raining and the area was quite busy with tourists, so I decided to skip it, at least for now. After that I headed to Warwick to see the Warwick Castle. I got to Warwick fairly late, so there really wasn't enough time to see the castle. Besides, according to one of the fellows working in the parking lot most of the demonstrations at the castle were cancelled for the day due to the rain.

Here's a few photos from today.

The aviation museum.

The fellow running the museum lives in a house behind the museum and his garden shown below is part of the museum. The old fellow was quite interested to here I was from Canada because his wife's brother lives in New Brunswick and she will be heading to Canada to visit him in a few days. I talked with her for a bit. She's travelled to Canada quite a bit to visit her brother, he's been there since the 50s. She also worked in Banff for one summer, back in the 50s.

The rain leaving the pub. Many roads in these parts don't have good drainage, so there were many real big puddles. A bit scary, especially on the narrow country roads that are barely wide enough for one vehicle and yet have two way traffic on them.

Just a shot showing the stone fences/walls that are common in these parts.

The train museum.

The old steam engine.

I found decent a hotel nearby and will return to see Warwick Castle tomorrow. I hope the weather cooperates.