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I spent the day exploring Bath. It started earlier this morning when I went out to look for breakfast.

I'm staying in a Travelodge hotel and it's clearly not the Travelodge that exists back in North America. It's a no frills low budget place that doesn't have facilities for breakfast, let alone many other services. You actually can't even get a room here by just showing up at reception, because there really isn't a normal reception. The folks here only hand out keys for reservations that you made ahead of time online or over the phone. When I showed up without a reservation yesterday I had to call their central reservation service to get a room, but a least one of the women at the desk dialed the number on here cell phone and let me use it to make the arrangements. The was the first time I've come across anything like this, so last evening I went out to see if any other hotels operate this way and was shocked to find a local 4 star Hilton did.

I'm staying at the Travelodge only because it was one of the few hotels in town that were listed in both (it was one of the better ones there) and on my GPS device. I also happened to drive right by it as I was making way through the very slow congested traffic coming through town and didn't feel like looking any further. This hotel is mentioned in the Rick Steves' book but I only realized that later. I no longer rely on his recommendations for accommodations because they are usually all booked up by the time I get there, they are often not quite what is described in his books, or they are such primitive places which no longer appeal to me. This is interesting, because one of the main reasons I was following his books at the beginning of my trip was for the accommodation listings. I guess I've grown out of that. The same is true for the sites. I used to find his list of places to see worthwhile, but that list is getting less and less useful to me as time goes on. Maybe I've just been at this for too long and I've gotten my fill of his type of sites.

Once I finally found some breakfast, which was no easy task, and did a brief stop by the internet cafe to upload yesterday's posting I made my way to the parking lot to check on my rental car. One thing about Bath is that it's not the place to be visiting by car. Traffic is very bad and most hotels don't have parking so you have to park in a city parking lot, which in my case is several blocks from the hotel.

After that I did a bit of touring around on my own, including visit Bath's Industrial museum. Later in the day I joined in on a free 2 hours walking tour of Bath. It was hardly worth the time. I ended the day by visiting the Roman Bath houses that have made Bath so famous.

This is what's called the Royal Crescent.

The next few photos are of the Circus, a large circle of houses built in the late 1700s like the Royal Crescent.

A bus load of tourists visiting the Circus.

I find Bath quite boring because most buildings look the same.

A few photos from the Industrial museum (aka Bath at Work).

A few photos from the Roman baths.