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This morning I left Bayeux for Mount Saint Michael, however I kind of went somewhere else first. When I programmed the location for Mount Saint Michael into my GPS Device I wasn't totally sure where it was located. As it turned out I had programmed in Grouin Point instead, which was about 50km beyond Mount Saint Michael. As I got close to my destination it kind of looked like I was going to the wrong place since all the Mount Saint Michael signs pointed a different way, but where I was headed looked interesting so I continued on.

As it turned out, Grouin Point was a very interesting place and I enjoyed it much more than Mount Saint Michael which, sadly, appears to be nothing more than a tourist trap these days.

At Mount Saint Michael I decided I would complete my trip along Normandy beaches and possibly take in a couple more museums and memorials tomorrow, so I headed to Cherbourg. Cherbourg is a big port city west of Utah beach and a good place to begin my trip back eastward. I wasn't expecting much of Cherbourg so I was pleasantly surprised when I found a decent hotel next to the harbour and a maritime museum containing France's is first Nuclear submarine.

This is the northern tip of Grouin Point.

The following island and light house are just beyond the tip of Grouin Point.

This is looking back inland from the tip.

This is looking off to the right of the above picture.

And this is looking off to the left.

Looking a little bit further left and way way off in the distance we see Mount Saint Michael, or at least we would if it was clearer out. I could just barely make it out by eye, but I couldn't capture it on camera.

Mount Saint Michael.

As soon as you walk into the entrance of the village you encounter a ton of tourists. Actually you first encountered them in the massive parking lot out front.

Just a few tourists here today. I'm glad I had my GPS device to locate my car in the parking lot on my way out.

Normandy to the north east.

Grouin Point to the north west.

Various photos of Mount Saint Michael.

The main reason I call this place just a tourist trap, is because there is nothing here other than shops, restaurants, and hotels to take your money. The star attraction, the Abbey, is completely empty and serves no purpose today other to preoccupy tourists for a few hours with the endless stream of bare halls and rooms. Ok, there was a few benches and a few fixtures in the main church and an interesting old winch in one roam that was used in the old days to get goods into the Abbey, but that was basically it.

A few sunset photos from near my hotel in Cherbourg. I could write on and on about these photos and what I was thinking about as I sat out on the patio in front of my hotel enjoying a nice long dinner watching the boats go by, but I'll save that for another time.

A small cruise ship just heading out to sea.

"Le Redoutable", France's first nuclear submarine. Checkout the following links if you are interested in knowing more about this submarine: