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One of the most popular modes of transportation in Amsterdam is bike riding, so today I rented a bike and went touring around the city and country side north of the city with it.

Here are some photos from my bike ride.

An interesting contraption.

A lot of people also use boats to get around. Here's a woman taking her dog for a ride. Note the house boats in the background. There are apparently about 2500 of them scattered along the canals around the city. Some are quite nice while others look like they shouldn't even be floating.

A few of the bigger canals have draw bridges on them like this one.

The Royal Palace.

You can get out into the country side north of Amsterdam by bike in a about half hour. This area is reclaimed land that is actually below sea level (3 to 9 meters according to my GPS device) and the large dikes that keep the sea water out make for nice bike paths.

I expected to see plenty of old Dutch windmills but all I found were many modern wind turbines like these.

Here every farm yard is like a castle with it's own mote. Given the high water level the houses around here can't have basements.

Some scenes in the country.

My transportation for a couple days. Note the cattle in the background. Around here most farmers rely on the canals to keep their live stock in and don't bother with fences.

That's what I call a small car. The ferry in the back ground is used to cross the large canal behind the train station just north of the city center. It takes about 5 minutes to cross and it doesn't cost anything. I had to take this ferry to get to and from the area north of the city center.

The are two ferries making the crossing. They leave from opposite shores every few minutes.

A 3 story parkade for bikes near the train station.

Anne Frank's House is the building in the middle.

A bicycle built for four.