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I decided while I was in Norway that I don't have enough time to head over to Finland, so I am working my way back towards France and England. Most of the time I have left will be spent touring through Normandy and England, but first I will be doing a stop in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Shortly after I arrived in Oslo on the overnight train from Bergen I was on another train headed to Copenhagen. It took a good part of the day to get to Copenhagen, but at least there was some good company on the trains. I sat next to a couple from Bergen on the train from Oslo to Goteburg. Then from there I sat next to a young fellow from Goteburg, who now lives and works in Stockholm.

I had a chance to learn a bit more about Norway from the couple from Bergen. We also had a chance to swap travel stories. They just got back from a trip to Boston to visit relatives and were on their way to Goteburg for the weekend. While they were in the US they picked up an iPod. Apparently they aren't that common in this part of the world yet. As an example of that, there was a young guy sitting near us who appeared to be using a laptop as his portable music player. Actually, that's kind of how I got talking to the young fellow from Goteburg.

It appeared the young fellow from Goteburg was also using his laptop for listening to music, so I decided to asked him. He said it was a laptop from work, so for him it was a cheap portable music player for the train rides. From there we got talking about all sorts of things and even a bit about Nortel. Later he showed me that they use the Nortel Contivity VPN Client to connect to the office from remote locations. He didn't actually connect though, because we weren't on one of the X2000 Swedish trains with the internet service.

You won't believe this, but today I only took one picture and that was of the train schedule for the trip from Oslo to Copenhagen. I should have probably taken a few from Oslo to Copenhagen since most of the trip was new territory for me, but I guess I was too busy chatting on the trains.

As mentioned above, it was kind of late when I got to Copenhagen, so I didn't bother with any sight seeing tonight. Instead I took care of a few necessities (reserved my train seat for tomorrow, and did some laundry and a bit of book keeping).

Tomorrow I'm off to Amsterdam early in the morning, so it will be another long day of train riding.