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Today I just spent more time wandering around exploring the city.

I saw many more bikes today, including a few interesting ones. These bikes are free to use. Anyone can grab one of them and take it anywhere in the city center. The only catch is that you must have some local change to unlock the bike. They work like shopping carts back in Canada, put in a coin to unlock it and when you lock it back up you get your coin back. The only problem for me was that I didn't have any local change on me.

Here's a 2 wheeled cargo hauler. Good for kids, dogs, groceries, or just about anything else that will fit in that box.

Another variation of the cargo hauler. This guy was carrying a pregnant women!

I confirmed today that there are bikes stacked 2 levels high behind the central train station. They looked something like what is shown in the photo below which was taken at another train/sub-way station. Today it dawned on me that most of the bikes must belong to people that live out in the country and commute by train to the city for work. They take a train the city then hop on their bike to complete the journey to work. And, these people may actually have another bike at home which they ride to the train station at that end.

After visiting many very interesting cities, Copenhagen is a bit of a let down. There aren't too many interesting or unique building here. This is the planetarium, which is actually really nothing special.

The buildings in the distance are part of the Tivoli, an old and famous amusement park. Not something I'm interested in. The central train station is just off to the right.

This is a theatre. It could be an interesting building if it weren't for the cheap asphalt roof.

Today I walked through a few parks in the city center. This one is Orstods.

This is in Palmehus park.

The Palmehus park has a large botanical garden and this big green house.

This is the Rosenburg Castle.

These guys were on guard duty next to the castle. I wonder how fast the guy on the right could aim his weapon given how his arms are crossed?

This wind mill was located inside the Kastellet fort. Kastellet is one of Europe's finest and best preserved fortifications. The inner five-pointed fortress belongs to the Denmark's Armed Forces and is Europe's oldest barracks still in use. Since Kastellet is a military area there is only limited public access.

Here's a few of Kastellet buildings.

Part of the mote and one of two entrances to the fort.

How do you like this, a boat made of concrete!

A somewhat interest building with a couple big cruise ships in the background.

In the background you will find a few modern day versions of that old windmill above. There are plenty of these around and I saw many out in the country during the train ride in.

With all the water around there are plenty of boats here of all sizes.

A rock climbing wall. It appears to be no longer in use. I tried to find out more about in that building behind it, but I couldn't find anybody around, I just heard what sounded like a janitor off in the distance.

I forgot to mention one thing yesterday given it was Canada Day. Most of the countries I've visit are quite old, or at least that's how most of us back in Canada think about Europe. As such, you may be surprised to know, like I was, that Germany is actually younger that Canada. The Germany we know today dates back to 1871, so it's actually 4 years younger then Canada. However, most of the towns and cities in Germany are much much older (hundreds of years) so the place does have a lot of history we don't have in Canada.

In one month from now I will be on a plane back to Calgary, however as I look at my schedule it seems a lot shorter as I still have a lot of ground to cover. I guess it's like anything else. When you being a project, trip, or any non-trivial activity, the end seems far away at the start. But, once the half point has passed through the rear view mirror the end doesn't seem so far away and it seems to be approaching much faster then at the beginning.

Tomorrow I head north to Stockholm. I'll visit there for a day before heading to Finland or Norway. This morning I tried to get on a cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki sometime in the next few days, but they're book solid. There is another route I could take with a shorter boat ride followed by a couple hour train rides, but I'm not sure the effort is worth it, especially given the cost of things up here. Copenhagen is the most expensive place I've been to so far and from what I understand it will only get worse as I head north.

Tonight I ate in the same area as last night, but in a different restaurant and it was almost the opposite of last night. The food was mediocre and the service was poor, but the price was nearly the same and definitely not worth it.

A fellow I used to work with is supposed to be in Finland, so I thought it would be neat to visit him but I haven't been able to reach him yet. So, I may head to Norway first from Stockholm. If I don't hear from him once I return from Norway, I may just head back south, especially if the costs get too high.