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Early this morning I left Strasbourg for the Rhine valley in Germany. Along the way I made a stop in Luxembourg where I hired a taxi to drive out to Mondorf-Les-Bain. I was going to rent a car, but the only car rental agency near the train station was closed. Besides the taxi cost about the same as a rental car and I had a tour guide who spoke a bit of English. It was interesting to see that he had a much shorter route to Mondorf-Les-Bain than my GPS device had suggested, almost half the distance.

After my brief visit to Mondorf-Les-Bain I hopped back on a train and headed to Germany. My train from Luxembourg took me as far as Koblenz where I hopped on another train to head south to the medieval village of Bacharach where I'm going to stay a few days. This village is just one of many that dot the landscape along the Rhine river along with many castles. Bacharach is small place with a permanent population of just 1000. The area here and around most of the Rhine valley is used for the production of wine so you will likely see many vineyards in the background of my pictures.

The Rhine valley is a busy place. There are rail lines that go along both sides of the river where both passenger and freight trains pass on a fairly regular basis. The river also has many barges, cargo boats, and passenger boats travelling on it regularly.

Here's a few photos of Mondorf-Les-Bain. The first two where taken at the tourist office which was closed when I stopped by.

This was taken next to the health spa. If it weren't for the fact that the spa has existed since the 1800s to take advantage of the naturally occurring thermal water in the area, one might think the warm water is a bi product of the many Nuclear reactors not far away in France.

This is the casino. It's the only one in Luxembourg and one of only three in the area. The other two are in France and Germany. It is definitely no Las Vegas, instead it's like wake you will find in many of our cities back in Canada. It didn't open until later in the afternoon so I didn't have a chance to go in and try my luck.

Mondorf-Les-Bain is right along the border with France. Here is the unmanned border crossing.

As the sign says on the other side of the border is the village of Mondorff.

Here's is Mondorf-Les-Bain from the French side of the border.

Mondorf-Les-Bain and Mondorff where probably one village at one time but when it came time to draw the border line between France and Luxembourg it was probably easiest to follow the creek that flows through here.

This is just a shot of the scenery in the area. It's mostly farm land. This photo was actually taken from the train as I headed to Germany, but the scenery next to Mondorf-Les-Bain was very much like this.

One of the castles we passed along the Moselle river towards Koblenz.

This is the village of Bacharach. The castle on the top of the hill, Burg Stahleck, was built some time before 1135 has been a youth hostel since 1925.

This is the Altes Haus in the market square. It's one of the Rhine's most famous medieval half-timbered buildings. It was build in 1368 and is the oldest house in Bacharach.

This is the old post office which dates back to 1724.

The town again with the Rhine river in the back ground.

A close up of the castle.

This is the 1913 steamer Goethe that makes a trip up and down the river from Koblenz to Rudesheim.

This is the old mint (Munze) which is now a restaurant and where I had dinner tonight.

The is one of several old medieval gates into the town.

A view of the river later in the evening with a cargo boat passing by.

A view of the castle, my hotel, and a train passing by. My room is just above and to the left of the 'H' in hotel. Yup those trains pass quite close, but it doesn't bother me.