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After 50 days of travelling I decided to sleep in this morning and then take it easy. The only real site seeing I did today was at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I was there the other day but I went back today to see the 16th century astronomical clock that strikes solar noon everyday at 12:30pm. After that I went to the top of the cathedral for a bird's eye view of Strasbourg.

This is the astronomical clock. When it strikes solar noon a few statues rings bells, a rooster crows and flaps it wings, a few statues parade in front of Jesus (they may have been the apostles, but the English description was hard to hear so I don't know for sure), and it all ended by the statue of Jesus making a sign of the cross. It kind of amazes me how such a contraption was created a few hundred years ago and by the church.

Here's I slightly different view of the cathedral then I showed the other day. In this one, it's quite obvious that the second tower, which was never built, is missing. The observation area is on the flat area next the tower.

Here's a view of the street in front of the Cathedral from the top. Speaking of the top. About a tenth of the way up the long series of steps to the top. I passed an older couple who spoke English. They were looking for the entrance to the cathedral and were clearly going the wrong way! This is an example of one of the strange things about Strasbourg. The city doesn't seem to be very tourist friendly, or at least to English speaking tourists. Their tourist information is minimal and the English information is even more scarce. A local, like a person working in the cathedral will be speaking French one minute, then you ask them if they speak English they'll say no just German. Then if you ask them something in English they will reply in English. I'm sure this couple asked the guy at the ticket counter for the entrance to the cathedral but in the confusion this guy sold them tickets to the top instead of telling them were the real entrance to the cathedral was, which was free.

Some of the old buildings in the center of the city.

That's the European Parliament (ie where the folks in the European Union meet).

This is the one story building where the second tower is supposed to be.

That is St-Pierre Le-Jeune church.

That is the Maison Kammerzell which was built in the 15th and 16th centuries and apparently the most beautiful half-timbered house in Strasbourg.

That is the Maison Kammerzell again. This photo was taken last night after dinner.

This photo is looking to the south west towards Saint Die where I went yesterday.

One thing different about this cathedral is that the stairs to the top have a view all the way up and down. All the others I visited previously had only minor air holes every now then, if anything.