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Today I had a slow morning and early part of the afternoon. It was a chance to give my feet a bit of a rest, but more importantly I used to the time to plan where I'm heading on Friday when I leave Paris.

I did however start the morning with a stop at my usual cafe for breakfast. This is the third day I was there and each day the place had a different crowd. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Wondering around Paris during day is very interesting. It's a chance to see regular folks busy with their normal lives. Many of the things people do here are similar to back home, however they do seem different. I think part of it has to do with the density of the population and housing, you just see a whole lot more activity in a given area then you would in many places back home. Another part of it seems to be related to the attitude of the folks around here. They seem to take life a lot slower and more relaxed then we do.

After breakfast I returned to my hotel to work on where I going on Friday. However, before I could do that I had to change rooms. I originally was going to stay in Paris only 3 days, and then after the first day I decided to stay a bit longer, but by that time my room was already booked so they moved me to a better one. It's a little higher up with more stairs to climb, but it's bigger and it faces the street which has a bit of a view. I can now use those big windows (almost like French doors) and that little French balcony.

I headed out for some site seeing around 2pm. The first stop was the Rodin Museum. You know, the guy who created the statue of the Thinker. After the museum I headed over to the Luxembourg Garden. I visited that place back in 2001 and I really liked it, so it was worth another visit. Besides, some pictures I took back in 2001 didn't turn out very good, so I made sure that didn't happen today. On the way to the Luxembourg Garden I stopped in at the St Sulpice church.

From the Luxembourg Garden I went of to find a 'dig' that is currently underway not far away. After that I went over to the Observatory just south of the Luxembourg Garden, but unfortunately that place is not open to the public, so I couldn't see the inside. On the way back I strolled through the Luxembourg Garden, over to the Pantheon, and by the south side of the Hotel Des Invalides.

Even though it was a short day I managed to walk about 24 km. By the way, I figured out how to correct the GPS tracks that get messed up when my GPS device looses the signals from the satellites.

I can't believe I've been in Europe for a full week now, time is going by fast. I took nearly 400 photos again today, making my one week total 2117 photos, requiring 2.84 GB of storage space. I sure am glad I brought along my external USB drive, however even with that I may run out of space before the trip is over. I also just noticed I wrapped the photo counter in my camera today. It goes up to 9,999. So that means it already took over 10,000 photos. I have a second memory card, so I'm sure the number of photos my camera has taken is more like 13,000.

Lastly, here's a few photos from today.

The Rodin Museum is one two story building surrounded by a large garden. The following few photos are taken from the garden area. The first photo is of the Thinker.

Rodin Museum, the Thinker

This is the Gates of Hell.

Rodin Museum, Gates of Hell

The back yard behind the building.

Rodin Museum, back yard

A couple photos from inside the building. The first statue here is made entirely of clay.

Rodin Museum, inside the building
Rodin Museum, inside the building

I came across this interesting statue on the way to the Luxembourg Garden. Note the folks sitting at the base. All of them were making sketches of scooters. There were many others like these in a several block radius. It must have been a school project for the nearby University where the 'dig' is located.

St Sulpice

This is St Sulpice.

St Sulpice
St Sulpice

The Luxembourg Garden. You can see to the top of the Observatory in the distance.

Luxembourg Garden

One of the statues I wanted to photograph better than I did back in 2001.


That's the Pantheon is off in the distance.


When I saw this statue I just couldn't help but think how when we want to see animals like this out in Calgary, we just take a short drive to the mountains and see real ones.


The entrance to the 'dig' is below the tower in the right of the picture.

entrance to the 'dig'

Here's the 'dig'. For more details on the folks doing this dig and other projects they have on the go, check out I didn't see any information on this dig there, but I didn't have time to look too hard.

the 'dig'

Here's a close up of the Observatory.


Here's a close up of the Pantheon.


On my way back towards my hotel I came across this site and I just couldn't help thinking about how that modern tower off in the distance likely won't be around in a few hundred years, like some of the buildings around here that already have and will be for hundreds more.

modern tower off in the distance

It seems like you just can't go down a street without running into an old church of one sort or another.

an old church

And, for the last photo, we have the sun setting on the Hotel Des Invalides.

sun setting on the Hotel Des Invalides