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I spent today waking down the Boulevard St German, then up to Notre Dame Cathedral via Pont Neuf, then south east to locate the Arenes De Lutece (Roman Coliseum), and the north to the Institut De Monde Arabe. Again, it was a lot of walking. At one point my GPS device said I covered 27 km and that wasn't even at the halfway point, but it was wrong. It tends to get confused when I enter buildings and it looses contact with the satellites. Today that happened in a real bad way when I entered the Notre Dame Cathedral. In reality I probably covered close to 20 km today.

And, like usual, lots of pictures where taken. I have about 440 after deleting all of the obvious duds. Here's some of my favourites. Sorry for the volume of pictures, I just couldn't narrow it down any further.

A few scenes along Boulevard St German.

Boulevard St German
Boulevard St German
Boulevard St German

These are a couple of umbrella stores. I used my umbrella a lot today and saw a lot of them in use, so these stores must be doing well.

umbrella stores

St Germain church built in 1163.

St Germain church
St Germain church

After visiting the church I left Boulevard St German and headed towards the Pont Neuf. This was just one of the many interesting views along the way.

Boulevard St German

This is the Pont Neuf from the Place Du Pont Neuf on the end of the Ile De La Cite.

Pont Neuf

The Place Du Pont Neuf.

Place Du Pont Neuf

Looking at the Louvre through the southern section of the Pont Neuf.


Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

Note the external structure.

Notre Dame Cathedral external structure

I went up to the top of the Cathedral and here's just some of the interesting creatures perched there.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

Point Zero, the location where the numbering starts for all the roads in France. This is located just in front of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Point Zero

Arenes De Lutece (Roman Coliseum).

Arenes De Lutece

Institut De Monde Arabe.

Institut De Monde Arabe

Time for some fishing.