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The Louvre is amazing and it's huge! I was at the Louvre for 6 hours today and I'm sure I saw more paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts then I have in my whole life until now. The volume of items on display is just incredible. I covered nearly every floor, so needless to say, I walked by many items quite quickly. However, others required a lot of time to take in.

Back when I owned my last house in Calgary, I struggled to find just a few pieces of art to fill some of the bare walls. I can tell you that I didn't have any trouble finding more than enough paintings today that would have been welcome in my home. Actually, I think I would have needed a bigger house because there were so many that interested me. Now that I think of it, a house probably wouldn't be big enough, because some of the paintings where bigger than a house!

Of everything I saw today the two things I struck me the most were the fact that there wasn't hardly any painting of children and some Egyptian artifacts on display dated back to about 4000 BC making them about 6000 years old, a big reminder of how young Western Canada is.

Here are a few photos from today. Note that you are not allowed to photograph most paintings in the Louvre, so I don't have anything like the Mona Lisa to show you.

The glass pyramid below is the main entrance to the Louvre.

main entrance to the Louvre

Some artifacts in storage.

artifacts in storage

An artist at work.

An artist at work

Just a couple of a whole bunch of painted ceilings.

painted ceilings
painted ceilings

A few French sculptures.

French sculptures
French sculptures

The Arc De Triumphe. I toured the inside and climbed to the top to have a different view of the city and to take a few photos.

Arc De Triumphe

The Eiffel tower from the top of Arc De Triumphe.

Eiffel tower

Des Champs Elysees from the top of Arc De Triumphe. The Louvre is at the far end, I walked over there from my hotel this morning. After I left the Louvre I stopped for some dinner at an outdoor cafe in the Jardin Des Tuleries, which is just in front of the Louvre in this picture. After dinner, I walked up Des Champs Elysees to the Arc De Triumphe. Then after that, I walked back to my hotel. I'm sure I walked more today than the 17km I did in London on Saturday. Actually, I would bet that I walked at least 15 km just inside the Louvre!

Des Champs Elysees

And finally, here's the stairway to the top of the Arc De Triumphe. I believe it was 254 steps to the top.

stairway to the top of the Arc De Triumphe