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I stopped in Vancouver on my way west from Calgary and again on my way east back to Calgary. I used my time in Vancouver to get to know the place a bit more, in case I ever decide to move here.

I've been to Vancouver a few times before, so I really only took pictures of the new or more interesting sites. For example, the fist few pictures below were taken from Burnaby Mountain Park which is North West of the Simon Fraser University. This was the first time I visited this park and actually Burnaby.

That's downtown Vancouver hiding in all that haze.

The following is a shot looking to the north of the park where Indian Arm meets Burrard Inlet.

There is quite a good restaurant in Burnaby Mountain Park with a spectacular view from its deck, that is if you don't mind the haze/smog. Both the food and the service were very good.

The following are some of the pictures I took during a bike ride from North Vancouver to Kitsilano Beach. The first picture is just of some boat passing under the Lions Gate bridge.

This picture, also taken from the Lions Gate bridge, is of the sea wall pathway that goes around Stanley Park. Downtown Vancouver is in the background.

A couple 'little' ships parked in English Bay.

I don't remember what this statue is. If you do, send me a message and let me know.

Here's some folks filming a scene for a movie or a commercial. I hung around for a while but it just wasn't very exciting to watch.

The Science Center with one of the False Creek squatters in the foreground.

One of the False Creek squatters.

The following is a shot from Stanley Park looking back towards downtown. The Shaw tower is the building with the green to blue beam of light going up the front.

Those of you that have taken cruises out of Vancouver may not know that there is a street below Canada Place (Waterfront Road) that gives you a different perspective of the cruise ships.

From Waterfront Road you can also get a close up view of the container ship docks.

A view of downtown from Kitsilano Beach.

A view of downtown from the Seabus Terminal on the North Shore.

Like I said earlier, I've been to Vancouver a few times before so I really didn't take that many pictures here. But I did get to learn the city a bit better and experience what seems like never ending traffic jams. Traffic in Calgary seems awesome compared to Vancouver, but that could be because I've been in Calgary for a while and know many of the short cuts to take when traffic gets backed up.