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This is the first of my two web pages on Boston. It covers the downtown area and the waterfront along the Boston Inner Harbor.

My first view of Boston is shown below. This picture was taken about a third of the way from Marblehead to Boston.

While in the Boston area I had a chance to try out the new tunnels under Boston that were created as part of the Big Dig project which moved the major highways going through Boston underground. It was tough to get a good clear picture of the tunnels because of the low lighting conditions and the fact that the driver (me) was also the photographer.

This is the "Original" Cheers Pub, previously known as the Bull & Finch Pub and the inspiration for the TV Series. The pub is located near Beacon Hill on Beacon Street just north of Boston Common. This place was packed with tourists!

The area near Cheers and Beacon Hill, like so many old neighbourhoods in Boston, is full of tightly packed streets lined with old brick and stone townhouses and apartment buildings.

Downtown Boston is a mixture of old new builds that makes for some very interesting scenery.

The following is the Custom House Tower that we see in the background of the above picture. It is now a Marriott hotel.

Just one of many interesting looking buildings.

The tourists filled the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

The Boston Inner Harbor waterfront is now easily accessible from the downtown area as a result of the Big Dig (or it will be once all the surface construction is complete). The following are several pictures taken along the waterfront.

This is the tall ship Formidable which provides tours of the Boston harbour.

Here we see a jet coming in to land at Logan International Airport across the water.

This is the Federal Courthouse on Fan Pier.

After a long day of walking around Boston a nice place to relax is Boston Common, a large park south of Beacon Hill. Here we see the Frog Pond located in the park.

A couple officers patrolling the large park with horses.