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Marblehead is situated to the east of Salem across the Salem Harbor. Most of my pictures below were taken from the south east corner of the Marblehead peninsula along the Marblehead Harbor. Most of the pictures speak for themselves and only few need some explanation.

I drove to Marblehead up the center of the peninsula until I got to this tee intersection at Front Street. The picture below was the first one I took of the beautiful scenery in the area.

Once I got to Front Street I immediately found a place to park and the majority of the pictures below were taken as I walked along Front Street which runs parallel to the Marblehead Harbor. The next 3 pictures where taken from the area in the middle of the two buildings in the above picture.


The lighthouse here is in Chandler Hovey Park on the northern tip of the Marblehead Neck which makes up the south side of Marblehead Harbor.

These buildings are located on the southern side of Fort Seawall at the northern end of Front Street.

The next few pictures show the spectacular views the folks living on Front Street have.




The Porsche in the drive way is an indication of the wealth of some of the folks that live in this neighbourhood.

The next few pictures show how tightly packed together the houses are in this area.



The truck partially shown in the foreground was pulling this fairly big boat trailer. I was quite surprised that he managed to make it around this tight corner without hitting anything or anybody.




Note how they re-used the old rubble stone foundation of an older building for the current one, this is similar something we saw in some of my earlier stops.


Not a Porsche, but a nice car just the same.



I liked the natural landscaping.

This was somewhere near Little Harbor on the tip of Marblehead - a nice place for a deck.

This is near Doliber's Cove. The cove is just on the other side of those trees.