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The second second half of my content for Salem covers the area around Salem Willows Waterfront Park. The 35-acre waterfront site is located at the tip of the Salem peninsula that is to the north east of downtown Salem. The site is named for the European white willow trees that were planted in 1801 for the benefit of patients at the nearby hospital. The hospital was destroyed by fire in 1848 and the area was subsequently designated a city park. In the summer of 1877 a local railway company began offering horse-drawn trolley service between the part and downtown Salem. The company also begin building an amusement park on an adjacent strip of land. The new and improved Willows park opened for business on June 10, 1880. The first picture here shows the amusement park.

There are many big houses along the waterfront near the park.

There are also plenty of boats in the area.

There are 3 beaches in the park. This is the main beach next to the pier.

This is the second beach. The third beach, Dead Horse Beach, is off in the distance (just on the other side of the big trees that line up with the pillar in the foreground). I don't know why that one is called Dead Horse Beach.

A few people out enjoying the scenery and nice weather.

The bridge we see in this picture below is the Veterans Memorial Bridge.