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After I got off the CAT ferry and cleared US customs for the 3rd time since I left Calgary, I immediately headed towards Boston. It was a very slow trip from Bar Harbor to Bangor then I got on I95 and made good time to Portland (Maine that is), where I stopped for the evening.

The I95 allowed me to make good time, but it was a boring drive (at least until it came time to find a hotel in the maze of highways that surround Portland), so the next morning I continued my trip on the scenic 1A highway. The following are a few of the pictures I took along the way.

The 1A crosses many rivers that drain into the Atlantic and all of them have at least a few boats.

The 1A also has several draw bridges, but I didn't have to stop at any.

The 1A weaves it way between many small communities that dot the Atlantic coast. Some areas like Kennebunk were swamped with tourists, traffic, and plenty of No Vacancy signs and others were nice and quiet as shown below.