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Cabot Trail is a scenic 300km drive around the northern part of Cape Breton Island. It's actually a loop that is normally driven clockwise going from Baddeck west to Margaree Harbor on the Gulf of St Lawrence then north through Cheticamp and into the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You go north for a ways in the park then turn inland heading east towards the Atlantic Ocean at which point you turn south following the Atlantic Ocean for a ways before eventually heading back inland towards Baddeck. In my opinion the best scenery is on the leg that goes north along the Gulf of St Lawrence, many of the pictures below were taken from there.

Here the trail starts to turn inland for a bit on the north side of French Mountain.

This is French Lake on the east side of French Mountain.

The scenery as you do the inland stretch toward Pleasant Bay.

A couple of the locals out for a stroll. If my camera had powered up faster you would have been able to see these guys as the walked up and over the road in front of me. Fortunately I had just left of a parking spot and was barely moving when they walked across the road.

I believe this was near Wreck Cove.

This is Pleasant Bay, the place at which the trail heads inland taking you eastward towards the Atlantic.

This is a close up of Pleasant Bay.

I did a couple short hikes on the northern part of Cabot Trail to get to a couple water falls. The first here is at MacIntosh Brook, a short distance east of Pleasant Bay.

The northern part of Cabot Trail is inland away from the water, but the trail still twists and turns following the landscape.

Apparently this guy turned a little too sharp earlier in the day and drove right into the rock. He couldn't have been going too fast because the car wasn't damaged that much and the damage it did have was probably due more to the deep ditch that the rock slope.

The second of my short hikes was to Beulach Ban Waterfall, which is about half way between the Gulf of the St Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

The lighthouse here is just off Cabot Trail at Neils Harbour Point. It's the place were Cabot Trail turns south back towards Baddeck. The next few photos were taken near this lighthouse.

Just a few lobster traps.

The east part of Cabot Trail heading south towards Baddeck is a nice drive with a twisting and turning road like the west side going north, but the east side is farther inland in the trees so the scenery isn't as good as the west side. In case you are interested, the folks in the mini van in front of me were going to be catching the ferry to Newfoundland the next morning.

When I got to Southaven (20km north of Baddeck) I did a side trip to Sydney and the Glace Bay before returning to Baddeck, more on that in the next posting.