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I took the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. The first 4 pictures here are of the bridge as I headed towards the island.

This is an example bridge section on display in front of the visitor centre.

A shot of the bridge from the island.

The thing that struck me most about PEI was the farm land and the open spaces. After driving mostly in bush country since eastern Manitoba, the farm land was a nice change - kind of made me feel like I was back in the prairies of southern Saskatchewan or Alberta.

They appeared to have a variety of crops around PEI, but by far the most popular was potato fields.

I stayed at a motel on the north shore about a mile from Brackley Beach. I did try to stay at the more popular Cavendish beach, but driving through I found nothing but "No Vacancy" signs which was a bit surprising because the weather was not that great. I guess everybody was getting an early start on the upcoming long weekend. Anyway, I didn't spend too much time at the beach because of the weather, but I did go for a bike ride and actually road on this beach!

After the ride along the beach I got back to the highway an headed east towards this lighthouse.

The docks here were located just to the south of the lighthouse.

As I mentioned above, the weather wasn't great while I was at the north shore. There was a light drizzle and heavy wind for the duration of my bike ride. After my bike ride I headed to the nearest town for some food and by then I was sure glad I ended my bike ride when I did, the wind got much stronger and the rain got extremely heavy. On my drive to town I came across some folks on bikes who weren't quite so lucky and they were caught out in the middle of no where as the weather turned really ugly.

I headed to Charlettetown from the north shore and spent some time touring around the old part of down town. By the way, Charlettetown (the birthplace of confederation) was celebrating 150 years of incorporation this year.

In the next two pictures we see the St Dunstan's Basilica built in 1919 which is undergoing some restoration work. While I was here there were some folks up on the scaffolds sand blasting the stone to clean off the black residue. I don't know about you, but I much prefer the blackened stones, they give the building some character and a sense of age.

As we can see here they also replaced the nice aged green copper on the main peaks with new ugly brown stuff. I guess the aged green look will return in time.

Here's a shot of some nice old buildings. At this point in time I was thinking how the trees really obscure some nice old buildings and interfere with picture taking.

Again the trees prevented my from taking a good photo of St Paul's Church.

This sculpture was built in 1996 and is called "Celebration - Then and Now".

What I found sad about Charlettetown was that they allowed that ugly Delta Hotel (big brick building on the left) to be built along the waterfront. By the way, right behind where I standing is the dock where Cruise ships anchor when visiting Charlettetown.

One last picture of the Confederation Bridge before leaving the island. Note all the traffic approaching the island. The traffic looks so busy because the bridge is closed to traffic for about an hour ever day at noon to allow wide truck loads to cross the bridge. Of course I didn't find out about this until I got the bridge. The bridge radio station kept saying they were only blocking traffic to the island, but it was actually stopped in both directions.