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I arrived at the Hopewell Rocks along the Bay of Funday just on-time and was able to get down to the beach and look around for a little while before the tide started coming in. As the sign above says, Hopewell Rocks is a tidal exploration site, so there were folks down at the beach take observations of the tide. I talked to one of these guys and found out that when the tide starts coming in the water level rises about one foot every ten minutes. For this reason there are folks down at the beach making sure the tourist clear the beach on time to avoid being trapped down there. This guy also showed me his log book of the measurements he was taking and showed me that the day before I was there the tide actually was 42 feet high. I thought that was a lot, but I guess it can get as high as 54 feet!

This picture was taken from the main stairway going down to the beach.

With me standing in front of this rock you get an idea how big these rocks are.

To me this looks like an old style key hole, upside down of course.

When you see rocks like this you got to wonder how much longer it will be before they fall over.

Some rocks like this one look like they have a fairly substantial base and got a long ways to go before they will topple over.

But when you look at them from the side it's quite a different story.