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The following pictures were taken on the drive out to the Gaspe peninsula along the south shore of the St Lawrence River.

One of a few lighthouses seen along the way.

A wind farm.

In the next to picture the waves are actually coming in quite hard and are causing a light water mist to hit the windshield.

Another lighthouse.

As one heads east towards the tips of the Gaspe peninsula the terrain gets more and more rugged. Here we see one of the many small village nestled along the rugged shoreline.

The drive along the south shore of the St Lawrence River is a long and tiring one due to the volume of traffic, slow and winding roads, and never end slow zones for all the small villages and towns along the shoreline. As a result, I only got as far as Riviere-au-Renard before stopping for the night. The next few pictures show the motel I stayed at there.

The motel is the buildings with the read roofs in the middle of the picture.

Yet another light house, but this one is special. This is were I learnt (not like I didn't already know) that digital cameras don't bounce! Yup, tried to take a picture of myself standing next to this lighthouse by resting my camera on one of those telescopes for viewing long distances and as soon as I got about ten feet away from the camera a strong gust of wind came along a blow the camera off. The camera fell about 4 or 5 feet and that was enough to bend the lens at a good 30 degree angle. Since this sort of thing is not covered by warranty I figure I may as well try to fix, so I took hold of the lens and tried to straighten it out. I managed to get the lens back in place and got the camera working again, but it wasn't that great. It often needed a little help to extend or retract the lens when powering on or off and it only had a very limited workable zoom range. This meant I was limited in what I could do in terms of picture taking until I got to Moncton and bought a replacement.

This is the tip of the Gaspe peninsula in Forillon National Park taken from the above lighthouse which is at a point on the peninsula just to the north west where highway 132 makes a sharp turn inland across the Forillon National Park.

This is the tip of the Gaspe peninsula in Forillon National Park taken from the south side.

The following pictures are of Perce rock (the rock with a hole in it). First we see the rock from the North, because of what happened to my camera I can't zoom very far but I did crank to photo resolution to the max to allow me to zoom in digitally.

The rock is just on the left as you approach the tourist trap from the north.

You have to walk a little ways from the parking lot to the rock. This picture was taken about half way between the two. The photos that will follow were taken along the bottom on the front of the rock. The hole is towards the right end of the rock, but it is around a bit of a corner so it is not visible in this picture.

After a walk along the front side in the top picture you arrive here at the hole in the rock. I was lucky enough to get here just before low tide, so I only had to walk in knee deep water and hardly got wet, my Keen sandals came in handy here again. A far number of people trying to get out here won't so well equipped (e.g. long pants and heels)!

By now you probably figured out that the picture on the top left of my web pages was taken from here.

The following pictures where taken on the way back. They give you an idea what the walk was like out to the hole.

Looking back towards the rock. I was fascinated by the rock formation on the right. It's clearly some sedimentary rock that has been thrust up sideways.

The last couple shots here were taken from along the waterfront to the south west of the rock.