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My sister and I did overnight trip from North Hatley to Bar Harbor, Maine, and the pictures below where taken there. Actually, to be more precise, Bar Harbor is just a village on Mount Desert Island and only the first 4 and last 3 pictures where taken in Bar Harbor.

The first picture here is of main street Bar Harbor. It got quite busy here later on in the day.

A couple nice little sail boats with a cruise ship in the back ground.

A decent boat. We had dinner on the deck in front of the hotel in the back ground - under those yellow umbrellas.

Some folks off to do some fishing.

My Jeep by the Atlantic ocean for the first time. My only vehicle so far to see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Below is Sand Beach, the only decent beach on all of Mount Desert Island. To get here you have to buy a pass for the Acadia National Park and the highway is a one way, so if you were just going to the beach for the day the ride home would be a long one (2 to 3 times what it was to get here). We went all the way around the island, so the fee and the one way highway were not a big deal.

The next two pictures show what the beaches are like on the rest of the island. That's pink granite in the first one, a little coarse compared to your typical beach sand but it does make nice bouldering terrain and it was good test for my Keen sandals.

This is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on the extreme south east end of the island. There are other lighthouses around the island, but this is the only one you can get to without a boat.

You can take this sail boat on tours in Frenchman Bay on the north side of the island. The folks out there now are on a sunset cruise. It was tough to get a clear picture due to the low light levels and the far distance the boat was from me.

Sunset in Bar Harbor. The picture was taken from the deck of the hotel mentioned above.

Another shot of the sunset taken a little further was from the first shot. The lights along the left shore are the ferry terminal where the CAT Ferry from Yarmouth lands - more on this later.