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The Eastern Townships is the area of Quebec surrounding and including Sherbrooke and North Hatley. One of the many places I visited with my sister was Mount Orford, a ski hill west of Sherbrooke. The following few pictures we taken at the sky hill. The first is at the base and for the rest we took the lift to the top.

Can you spot my Jeep in this picture?

This is a monastery called Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, it is located on the west side of Memphremagog lake.

The following few pictures were taken at the Gorge of Coaticook Park. The first picture here is of a suspension bridge built in 1988 as a tourist attraction.

From this lookout tower one can get a good view of the surrounding area.

Here a shot to the south of the tower.

This is the same shot zoomed in.

This is a dam at the top of the gorge used to feed a hydro-electric power station at the bottom of the gorge.

The turbines and generators of the hydro-electric power station are housed in the building on the left.

This is just one of several covered bridges we visited in the Eastern Townships. The idea behind the covered bridges is that they were built that way in the past to protect the bridge from the weather. In the background of this picture you can just barely see a round barn. This I believe was one of the few remaining round barns. They were build round to make them more resistant to the wind, however this building technique was too expensive so it was abandoned.

This is one of the few covered bridges that is actually still used as part of a road.

Next to this bridge there were folks getting ready to do some boating.

This one is currently under going some restoration work.

The next few pictures were taken along the water front at in Magog, a town west of North Hatley on the north end of the Memphremagog lake. I came out roller blading here one day. It was ok, but it was nothing like the roller blading I am used to along the Bow river in Calgary.

The next few pictures were taken a retreat located north of Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke is in the background off in the distance.

The Eastern Townships is covered with small communities and almost everyone has its own church like this one at Kateville.

While in North Hatley I did a bike ride from North Hatley to Lennoxville. The trail follows an old railway line, so it was fairly flat an easy. The first few pictures here were taken at an old copper mine a few kilometres from North Hatley.

Me at Lennoxville before turning around and heading home.

The thing that I will never forget about the Eastern Townships is the roads. None of them are straight, there are a ton of them going in every direction, most make the old roads in southern Saskatchewan look good, and most of all I can't believe the speed limits - they allow people to drive 80 or 90 Kph on these roads and a lot of them run less than 50 feet from houses.