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Sherbrooke, QC is only a few minutes drive from my sister's place North Hatley, QC.

The following building is city hall in Sherbrooke.

I believe this was a memorial for the WWI veterans.

This is a shot from the north side of the Magog Gorge looking back over downtown Sherbrooke where we see city hall, Saint-Michel Cathedral, and one of the many murals painted on the building in Sherbrooke (can you spot it).

This is an old Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) bridge crossing the Magog Gorge.

This is one of the dams along the Magog Gorge.

This picture was taken from the dam in the above picture. Note the building in the centre of the picture, the one right in the middle of the gorge. It's an apartment building!

Another building with a close up view of the gorge.