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From Winnipeg my next real stop was St Thomas, Ontario (south west of Toronto) to visit with niece, her family. However, it took me a few days to get there. I stopped in Thunder Bay one night and Sault Ste Marie the next, and then finally go to St Thomas on the 3rd day. The thing that struck me the most about the trip through northern/western Ontario was the Canadian shield that the highway is cut through and hence that is really the only thing I took pictures of along the way.

One last picture of the rugged landscape as I'm getting close to Sault Ste Marie.

One good thing about the trip through northern/western Ontario was that it provided a good test for my ipod mini. The lack of good radio signals in the area was not an issue because I had my ipod mini loaded with about a 100 CDs worth of music and with the cassette adaptor I could play it through the stereo in my Jeep.

I took a short cut from Sault Ste Marie to St Thomas by going through Michigan. Crossing over to Michigan from Sault Ste Marie means you have to go over the massive Mackinac Toll Bridge to cross the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan.

The grate in the bridge allows one to look down to the water, although its hard to show that in a picture, especially when you are both the driver and the photographer!

While travelling though Michigan I noticed most of the trucks had a lot more wheels than you normally see. They must be carrying something awfully heavy or drive on very soft roads.

My stay in St Thomas was a short one, just one night. From St Thomas I headed to Ottawa for one night to meet up with an old friend. My stay in Ottawa was a quick one, because I'll be back here in August. I did however manage to catch the changing of the guard at parliament hill in Ottawa on my way to the Canadian Aviation Museum in the morning before heading off to North Hatley.

The Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa is shown below. I went there about 14 years ago to see the front section of the Avro Arrow, but the museum was closed. This time the museum was open, but the Avro Arrow was gone - temporarily at least. They were in the middle of rearranging some exhibits and adding some new ones and as a result the Avro Arrow was not available for viewing. I guess I will just have to go back one more time to see it. Hopefully I be able to see when I'm back in Ottawa in August.