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From Carnduff I headed to Brandon, Manitoba to visit for one night with an uncle. On the way to Brandon I stopped in Souris to check out the 582 foot Souris Swinging Bridge which was originally built in 1904.

While in Brandon, I had a chance to look around at some of there older buildings - did I mention I like old buildings? The following are a couple churches that caught my eye.

This old house is just one of many with some character, unlike most of those built these days.

This is a CP Rail building - did I also mention I like trains?

From Brandon I headed to Winnipeg to visit for one night with an uncle and aunt. While there my uncle gave me a quick tour of the city.

This is a statue of Louis Riel behind the parliament buildings.

This is a shot of the river at the same spot - it's way higher than normal! There is supposed to be a bike path about 6 to 12 feet below the water.

The following 2 pictures are at the Forks, the place where 3 rivers meet in Winnipeg, the Red River, the Assiniboine River, and the Seine River.

The following is the Winnipeg skyline taken from the man made hill on the west side of the city. Again I used the "Stitch" software that came with my Canon A510 digital camera to compose this picture.

While I was in Winnipeg there were a whole bunch of "artistic" Polar Bears on display, some of them are shown below. It is very similar to the cows that Calgary had a few years ago. In this case I believe it was something done to raise money for cancer.