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A good part of June was spent wrapping up the sale of my house in Calgary, moving my things into storage, and doing a whole bunch of other things I needed to get done before starting my travels. I did however get away for a few days in early June to visit my brother and sister in law who have a resort along Kootenay lake in British Columbia, which is shown below.

The following is a panoramic shot of the back of their place. It was a good test of the "Stitch" software that came with my Cannon A510 digital camera.

They have goats to keep to sod roof trim on their log house (building at the far right in the above picture).

The yard is swarming with humming birds. The following is a picture of one drinking sugar water by the deck on the back of the main building.

My time there wasn't all vacation. I helped out a bit cutting grass and splitting firewood - actually I kind of enjoyed that work as it was a very nice change from sitting in a cube staring at a computer screen all day long. The following two pictures show my progress through the wood pile, the first is the result of the first day's effort and the second picture is after the second day's. In case you are wondering, I'm not talking full days of work here. There are guests staying at the resort so we could only do the work for a few hours during the middle of the day while the guests were away golfing, site seeing, or shopping, etc.

While in BC I took a trip to Pilot Bay and Nelson. The following is a shot of the light house at Pilot Bay.

The following is a shot of the Ferry that I took across Kootenay lake to get to Nelson.